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Well, I've been around for 19 years now. I'm a Marine at NAS Pensacola as an AME student, that's basically HVAC and ejection seat categories on fighters. I was born in Howard Co. MD and was raised in the small rural town of Jefferson MD. My interests include Auto mechanics, Motorcycles, Civil War History (primarily Antietam) I have until May 4th here in Pensacola and I don't know from there! Some people choose college, I chose the Marine Corps, I've lived in 4 different states in the last 6 months now. Oorah!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Arriving at Cherry Point.

Every Marine, no matter how long they've been at a duty station readily anticipates his or her orders to the next duty station. Well it was my last few hours at NAS Pensacola, I was sitting watching some movie about demonic possessions eagerly awaiting 1500 to hop in my taxi and go to the Airport. Well jumping ahead to about 1545 I am sitting at the gate waiting for my flight to Atlanta and eventually my connecting flight to New Bern. I eagerly run around getting drinks from the overpriced Newspaper store and look for other Marines I knew from NASP. I get my vitamin waters and run into another Marine from my class who was going to Little Rock AFB for C130 C school, we chatted a bit than they called for my flight to be boarded and I made my way to the gate. I boarded my plane with my WAY oversize carry on bad and found my seat. I sat down and put the bag between my feet and waited for other passengers to sit next to me. A few minutes later the captain comes over the PA and tells us that the plane was full and that meant I had the row to myself. Naturally I threw my bulky backpack onto the seat and sprawled out. The flight attendant stopped and said if I needed anything at all to ask her, I graciously thanked her and she moved on. Well about 45 minutes into the flight she comes by with the drink cart and asks me what I wanted to drink, I respond "Coke" and she fires back "want some Jack with it?" Halfway through my Jack and Coke listening to my music loving life the captain comes over the PA again and announces we were making our initial decent. I downed my rather strong drink. After we had landed and made our way to the gate, It was time for some chow. I walked over to the BK and got my chicken tenders and was rushed back to the gate. Boarded the (much much smaller) plane and sat down. The plane was just about finished boarding and I was under the impression I had the seat to myself again. The door was about to close when a lady rushed onto the plane and sat down next to me. I was bummed but she turned out to be a nice very grateful American. I slept most of that flight. Arriving at New Bern (The birth place of Pepsi) I needed to change into my Service Alphas for check in. It was my impression I would arrive and get checked right in and get to go to sleep. Well all changed over we got our taxi and hit the road to Cherry Point. Upon arrival we paid and we're directed to where we needed to check in. We walked into the NCO hut to get our orders signed and get a room. Much to our dismay we we're picked over with a fine tooth comb by the duty NCO, after synchronization we finally got our rooms and got to go to sleep. The next morning my good buddy Fornal and I explored the base, before leaving we stepped into the duty hut to sign out with the NCO, he asked us when we arrived and our MOS, turns out he is our instructor and REALLY got us off to a running start. The rest of the day we Fornal and I sat in the common room and watched TV and messed around on facebook. all is well to this point and tomorrow we start class. Less than 2 weeks we will be in the fleet loving life! Semper Fi and my apologies for such a long delay on this next post.

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