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Well, I've been around for 19 years now. I'm a Marine at NAS Pensacola as an AME student, that's basically HVAC and ejection seat categories on fighters. I was born in Howard Co. MD and was raised in the small rural town of Jefferson MD. My interests include Auto mechanics, Motorcycles, Civil War History (primarily Antietam) I have until May 4th here in Pensacola and I don't know from there! Some people choose college, I chose the Marine Corps, I've lived in 4 different states in the last 6 months now. Oorah!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

So the last day of the work week Friday, TGIF right?

Well My Friday was a nice one, for the most part. It started later than usual at around 0700cst with me waking up and starting my day vacuuming the floor getting every little detail covered for our room inspection. Than the norm, shaving getting dressed and so on. This Friday may have been a wee bit too relaxed for because as the Gunnery Sergeant and Sergeant were walking down the hall I was still pulling my belt on. Now as I stand outside my room at parade rest waiting for inspection, I'm approached and snap to attention announcing "Room 158, ready for inspection." This room inspection went a little longer and more detailed than the others but a relaxed conversation brewed up about little things in my room. As my wall locker was being checked I learned I needed a ticket from the dry cleaners hanging up to represent the absence of certain articles of my uniform, and my favorite, Gunny asking me why I had lots of almost empty cans or Copenhagen in my freezer, and my humorous response, "saving em for a rainy day Gunnery Sergeant" Where that response came from I'm not sure but it was enough to get a laugh out of him and it not being an issue. From there I was passed and went outside to be marched up to the schoolhouse. It was our class picture day, we had the most extensive picture I would say, deciding we wanted to put a LOX cart, an ejection seat, guidons and the front half of an f/14 fuselage in the picture. Being Friday it was a half day but AL division had something else in store for us for the rest of the school day... We put on a car wash to raise money for the Marine Corps Ball here at NAS in Nov which I wont be at, and I had the same reaction as most of the other Marines in the platoon, why do we have to do this if none of us will be here? Its because none of us wanted to be labeled a blue falcon (if you don't know what a blue falcon is look it up) by our mentors and instructors. Well the bus ride over was the same as any other bus ride with a bus full of Marines, lots of sing a longs and yelling out the window, which I always love! So we roll up to the spot where we're washing cars and get set up. not 10 minutes after being there cars were already pulling in. 5 hours later and very sunburned we we're done. BACK on the bus. this time the music was not as good but none the less 30+ Marines WILL sing along. We got back to NAS and after a few normal procedures I was back in my room attacking the rack like it stole my ice cream when I was 4 years old. That night we ordered wing zone and had a great dinner. Like I said, all in all a good day.

Saturday, well Saturday was typical weekend. stayed around the barracks most of the day, played video games but Saturday night we walked over to the beach to take pictures, had some good ones too! If you look at my Facebook you'll see them because I have to many and the internet is too slow to upload them again successfully

Today, (Sunday) Laid back, everyone else went to Corey Station for haircuts but I had a nasty headache so i opted out and will just get a barracks cut here. Tomorrow is a relatively big lab for me so wish me luck!

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